Speech Development: Apps and Software Programs to Help Kids Improve Communication Skills

Speech development is an important part of a child's growth & development. Fortunately, there are now apps & software programs that can help with speech development & improve communication skills.

Speech Development: Apps and Software Programs to Help Kids Improve Communication Skills

Speech development is an essential part of a child's growth and development. Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists, provide services that focus on improving the patient's ability to communicate and understand language. Fortunately, there are now apps and software programs that can help with speech development. One of the most popular speech therapy apps is Speech Blubs.

This free application uses voice and video control technology to develop speech articulation in young children with or without speech difficulties. It has more than 1500 activities that help you practice the sounds of speech in a fun and engaging way. With more than 4 million downloads and a 4.6 rating on the Apple Store, it is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Voca Quest is a digital speech and language therapy platform that helps doctors with a library of resources, remote therapy options, task provision and progress monitoring.

It includes fun materials focused on specific speech, language and social skills objectives, as well as a library of thousands of contemporary symbols and photographs from real life. Articulation Station is one of the most complete articulation applications, designed for children to learn to pronounce and practice their sounds more clearly. It has more than 1000 target words at the letter, word and sentence levels to improve pronunciation and phonological awareness. This application developed by Little Bee Speech helps young children improve their pronunciation and enunciation, as well as record their voice and listen to it to develop their communication.

The Reading Aphasia app was created specifically for children who have difficulty reading. It contains 12 organized semantic categories related to stimuli that will greatly help young children practice their speaking and vocabulary skills at various levels. CineVox is a fairly new application that responds to sounds with fun graphics, encouraging children to practice their articulation. Sounds such as whistles produce additional graphic effects, such as a snowstorm, the change to black and white, and the look of a mirror room.

The best thing is that if you connect your iPad or iPhone to AppleTV, the graphics play on the big screen. Magical Concepts is an application for iPhone and iPad created by a certified speech-language pathologist who wanted “punching with flashcards” to be fun and motivating. It includes more than 2000 photos accompanied by audio instructions with Wizard the Wizard encouraging them to work hard. Children earn stars for every correct answer and are rewarded with a magic show when they accumulate enough stars.

Word Retrieval was created by a certified speech-language pathologist for children and adults who struggle to find words. This research-based application implements a linguistic approach to the treatment of phonological disorders by involving users in contrast therapy with minimal pairs. The person with aphasia can use the speech therapy application to practice independently until the next session with the therapist, making it one of the best speech therapy apps on the App Store. Quick Artic is a free application for iPhone and iPad for speech-language pathologists that contains 566 images labeled with titles and classified by phonemes. Talkie Articulation is an application that has been developed for speech therapists and parents to use with younger children to help them learn and practice the production of speech and sound. Farm academy is another application created by the Visual Speech Center and a certified speech and language therapist. The Apraxia RainbowBee application is a multi-step, multimodality program with colorful graphic, photographic, audio and video objectives and fun games.

According to speech-language therapists, it's not technology that establishes the connection but technology techniques that help improve your toddler's communication skills. Patients can schedule, reschedule and ask questions about their appointments online using 10to8's online calendar which is synchronized both ways with Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. In conclusion, there are many apps available that can help young children improve their communication skills through fun games and activities. Speech therapists recommend using these apps for young children to encourage them to start talking.